Breaking News: Barack Obama High School Classmate Reveals That He Was A Well Known Homosexual

Posted: November 13, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Every since President Obama took office he has promised from the beginning that change would be the slogan of his presidency, and this has been the case. The fact that Obama isImage 

 Muslim, and that he had a Muslim name was also sweeped under the rug. Then the plot thickened when a homosexual white man, came out about his relationship with the former senator, and he was murdered after he published a book titled:


Obama is also the first president in America that has ever had no social security number, or that has several. There has been several books written concerning president Obama’s life of secret, and people who have known Obama back then that speak out always end up dead, and the media remains silent, and so does the pulpits. Obama the supposed Christian who when giving a speech as a senator mocked the bible, and everything it stood for. 


This video is not getting the attention it should, because Obama after he became president was caught taking pictures at church, so most Americans begin labeling him as a Christian, without researching his past. Obama has turned this nation not only into a socialistic government, but is also turning this nation into a Islamic State. Nobody questions the fact that Obama has a huge Muslim presence in his administration.Obama is a Muslim, and America does not understand Islam enough to know that having a Muslim in office is the most dangerous thing to happen to our country since Hitler. Islam means submission, and is a religion of death, that spread through the middle east by the sword. Islam is not a democratic religion like Christianity, it makes women wear head dresses, and kills homosexuals. However this article is written to inform you of some new information that has come out about Obama. A classmate  in a interview reveals things about Obama never heard before, and even a picture has surfaced concerning our president, and his past, that I encourage you to watch and pass along below. Image



I ask you to continue to stand with me, and this ministry as I try to make known what has happened to our country. During this presidency gay marriage is being legalized more fiercely than ever, which is destroying our once great nation. For many Obama is the Anti-Christ, I can not tell you that, but if he is not the Anti-Christ he is most likely the forerunner to the son of perdition. Jesus Christ is coming back, and that’s the hope of this world. Lets stand for Christ in these last days no matter what the cost. Be sure to watch the videos, that we have posted God Bless. 



Servant Jordan Wells 


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