Breaking News: Vermont to Issue “REAL ID”

Posted: November 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Revelation chapter 13 says that there is coming a time in the future were each person will be forced to get a number, that with out will stop them from all buying a selling. Some have wondered how far away we are from such a system, but as I have studied the news, and articles like this I can now tell you that we are just years away. With such devices as the Real ID, and the RFID Chip which the Real ID has in it, we are seeing a government that is all about control, and laughs at, any since of privacy. The Real ID is not the mark of the beast, but it and the RFID Chip are as close, as we are going to get before the reign of The Anti Christ. Now for me the RFID Chip which has already been placed under the skin of millions of Americans, is much worse than the card, which only carries a RFID Chip, however I believe that the system the Anti-Christ will use, will be identical to what we are seeing in our daily news. Starting January 1st, Vermont will start issuing what’s called “REAL ID” cards.Starting in January 2014 if you walk into a Vermont DMV, you might leave with a yellow star on your license. “We and virtually every other state have been moving forward in becoming REAL ID compliant,” says Robert Ide, Department of Motor Vehicles. Ide says most Vermonters will likely choose one of two ID’s. First, the regular driver’s license which will now have a yellow star meaning it’s “REAL ID” compliant or the enhanced driver’s license which is also compliant. Ide says people will still need to provide the same documents as before. “They really need to do nothing to get there because because people with REAL ID or wish to get REAL ID already know that process or learn it easily,” says Ide. REAL ID has been controversial and many states have opted out. Many have complained about its overall cost, and the concern some of  your personal information will be stored. The Real ID is the governments way of putting more chains on the feet of Americans, we already have drones watching us, cameras on street lights. A government that listens in on phone calls, and tracks our emails, with ObamaCare they have now taken health care, and this national ID, which they say is not the case. Remember when they told us this same lie about social security cards, that they would not be used for Identification purposes, well we can now see that this was a lie, dont’t believe me just look below. 



Now they are telling us the same lie, which is that these new cards called Real ID’s will not be used as a national ID system, but we know that this card is much different than a drivers license because it has all of our personal information on it.  Lets take a look at this national ID.



Lets take a look at Revelation 13: 

13-17 This second Beast worked magical signs, dazzling people by making fire come down from Heaven. It used the magic it got from the Beast to dupe earth dwellers, getting them to make an image of the Beast that received the deathblow and lived. It was able to animate the image of the Beast so that it talked, and then arrange that anyone not worshiping the Beast would be killed. It forced all people, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to have a mark on the right hand or forehead. Without the mark of the name of the Beast or the number of its name, it was impossible to buy or sell anything.

18 Solve a riddle: Put your heads together and figure out the meaning of the number of the Beast. It’s a human number: 666.

We are truly living in the last days the only way to have peace is to  live for Christ, Jesus Christ is the answer to your fears. He says in his word that we can do all things threw him who gives us strength. God is here, and wants to save you, and bring you out of your life of darkness, wake up for you find yourself on the side of the Anti-Christ, and the False Prophet, and become eternally lost, by receiving the devils mark God Bless. 

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