Fifty Christians Burned Alive in Pastor’s Home in Nigeria

Posted: December 17, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I am rewriting this because a picture was used by our ministry to support a very reliable article about fifty Christians burned alive. There was a separate event that caused the death of a large number of people, I used this picture and the point was missed by ignorant people who totally missed the point. This attack on Nigeria’s Christians continued in full force this past week, a particularly grisly attack saw fifty believers burned to death at their pastor’s home, where they had fled for refuge from a terrorist attack. Reports disclosed that over 100 people were killed by armed terrorists this past week, who went on a 12-village killing spree in Nigeria’s Plateau state. Islamic extremist group Boko Haram has once again taken responsibility for the assaults. This report comes directly from nationally known Christian Post, for all those who don’t believe a link will be below. Christians are being persecuted like never before in Nigeria, and in Syria. Most people in the west are in denial about this. 

Different sources have shared various reports of the number of lost lives from last week’s assault on Christians, which have been occurring on a weekly basis for many months in Nigeria. But a story last week by the Baptist Press confirmed that about 50 members of the Church of Christ in Nigeria in the village of Maseh were burned alive after they took refuge in their pastor’s house following a terrorist raid.

“Fifty of our church members were killed in the church building where they had fled to take refuge. They were killed alongside the wife of the pastor and children,” said the Rev. Dachollom Datiri, vice president of the Church of Christ in Nigeria, in a July 11 interview.

We got messages from many upset of the picture I used, however most missed the point, which is that fifty were killed and this event really happend. I was completely blown away by how, people were so caught up in the picture and not the event thank all those who stand with this ministry God Bless. 


  1. trees says:

    Christian Militia started the attacks on Muslims. You forgot to mention that part. The attack on Christians was reciprocation. If the Christian Militia weren’t forcing their religion and beliefs in a Muslim Country, Christians there would be a lot safer. If you want to be a good reporter or blogger, I suggest you tell the whole story, not just the part you want to cram down our throats. shame on you.

    • mary says:

      You apparently do not know the history of Muslims verses Christians. There is no excuse for Muslims to MURDER hundreds of thousands of people just because they don’t want to listen someone talk to them about someone who loves them. Christians love people and simply want others to get saved and not go to hell. If they can’t handle someone loving them then they have a mental problem. They murder people. Have you ever heard a history of Christians murdering hundreds of people all for the sake of their God “NO”. You do hear Muslims saying they will kill all who do not worship Allah. People need to grow a back bone. Also sir, it sounds like you hate Christians yourself. If someone wants to ask you if your going to heaven with us are you going to burn them alive too just because they asked you a Simple question?

  2. Brenda Barton says:

    I have a question, besides the inflammatory picture, it states 50 people were seeking refuge in the pastors home seeking refuge from a terrorist attack, it doesn’t sound like they were attacked because of their faith. Attacking other faiths does not bring peace.

  3. Ara Karakuzu says:

    This is the greatest so colled ISLAM…?????

  4. Florence says:

    Go back 98 years to the mass murder of Christian Armenians 1.2 million. America refuses to recognize these events because turkey is a NATO ally. When acts like this are not recognized they continue to happen. All over the world Christians attacked.

    • Muslims attack every non Muslim, in many Muslim countries Christians are the second most common people, if there were more Irreligious or Hindus in a certain Muslim country, it would be the same story for them.

  5. Nannette Simon says:

    Again, the picture had been removed!
    This story must be given to the mainstream media, along with the photos!

  6. Hi! Maybe you should have put a note that it was not the actual picture of those 50 Christians burned to death if it wasn’t because I for one connected the picture with the story. Though I do not doubt the reports and I do not need a picture to believe them. I pray the Lord will stop those terrorists from the evil they do and protect His children in Nigeria.

  7. terriergal says:

    Well, I noticed it was a larger number of people than in the title, but don’t doubt that Christians are being killed in larger numbers than that. Thanks for reposting with an explanation.

  8. Ray says:

    The west are not helping the Christians because many of them don’t believe also on God and to their savior Jesus Christ. Very sad to learn about this. We will pray for you brothers in Nigeria!

  9. Doc Kimble says:

    Upsetting pictures of man’s inhumanity to man can and should be used whether or not it relates to the specific incident being reported on. A simple disclaimer would suffice to inform readers of the discrepancy. When we watch endless murders being portrayed in movies in a bloody, gut-strewn fashion, we hardly blink, but when it’s a real photograph of a real event, depicting the murder of Christians, somehow a more rigorous standard is asked for.

    I’m pretty sure those who serve humanity by reporting on genocide around the world could give an expert opinion on which actual scene of horror is being depicted by each particular picture, but I’m also sure these same servants of truth find it appalling that people who complain about a mis-match of picture with story would find that more objectionable than the actual event described in the text. I’m sure after one sees many atrocious scenes of genocide first hand, they all seem to melt together into their minds into one tragic scene.

  10. Bev says:

    If I understand your line of reasoning, in order to draw attention to your blog retelling an event, from another and unquoted source, about Christians killed in a house fire you used a photo of burn victims totally unrelated to the event you were retelling and you believe those who questioned such journalistic practices to be ignorant?

    • No bro or sis my source is the Christians Post, the ignorants comes from missing the point that women and children are being killed in the name of Allah, and that we must support those that can’t support there self. Wonder if you were over there, you would not care about a picture, my goal is never to deceive anyone I have nothing to gain, my goal is to make people aware of whats taking place in other countries thanks and sorry God Bless.

      • Those who question the publicatin of the gruesome picture of the innocent people butchered because of their faith are really burying their heads in the sand. The world needs to know how barbaric Islam is and howthose who profess this faith do not care about human life.

  11. Alina Beck Arizona sees not human behavior . Its Pathetic and SAD, Please do what you can to eradicate this reality.May God Bless ALINA BECK ARIZONA

  12. mary says:

    Why is this not on the news? I posted the link on facebook and my friends click on it and it says page not found?!? WHY? I don’t see the picture of the dead bodies anymore either?!? WHY?? They need to see the photos. Get this out there more.

  13. I am so sorry about it!!! Because it was not expected from rational human being and it is very very bad and unacceptable by any religion either God or Allah or any other creator who do you believe.

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