Atheist In America and The Hope Of Jesus Christ By Jordan Wells

Posted: December 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I thought that I had seen it all in this End Time generation, but now what I am seeing from our  Atheistic community is the worst by far. There has always been unbelievers, and as we get closer to the tribulation, the bible predicts that this situation want get better but worse. However, in previous generation atheist may not have respected God, but they understood that the nation that they were in, was a nation founded by biblical principles. One nation under God, they understood that you can’t have democracy with out Jesus and the bible, so they respected what the religious community did for the world by giving hope to the hopeless. Being a light in a dark world, because a belief in God is not just a want, its a need. A belief in God is what helps a drunk, put down the bottle after 20 years of hard drinking, and helps a prostitute, give up there life of selfish, pursuits to live a saintly life with Jesus. So atheist even though they might not have liked it, they have always respected what organizations like, salvation army, wheeler mission, and other organizations have done for there community and the world. However, this current Satanic atheistic community is fighting against a God that they do not believe in, I mean they don’t believe in Santa Clause, but I don’t see them trying to rid the world of Santa Clause. They have did such horrible things like having crosses taken out of grave sites, and stop Christians from presenting Christ to the poor, and are saying things in  55 billboards across Sacramento, Calif., in November with messages like “I’m not a believer and life is still awesome.” Okay if life is so awesome why spend so much of your day fighting against a God you don’t believe in, when you could be working. If life is so great without God why not move to atheistic China, or Russia were there a dictator telling you what to wear, and how to wear it. They have turned this hopeless gospel into a religion, I once said Atheist do have a belief, and that it takes more faith to believe that there is not a God, than it does to believe that there is one. And another thing if they are against a belief in a God, why are they only attacking Christianity, why not Islam, let me tell you why because Satan knows Jesus, and knows that he is the way the truth and the life. You can not be a good person separate from God, because your motives for being a good person are selfish, a belief in God gives people a standard for living, it also gives people a reason to hope for a better future. Here is quotes about why the need for hope is so important.

Let this one great, gracious, glorious fact lie in your spirit until it permeates all your thoughts and makes you rejoice even though you are without strength. Rejoice that the Lord Jesus has become your strength and your song – He has become your salvation. 

Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Hope is patiently waiting expectantly for the intangible to become reality. 

Avery D. Miller 

He that lives in hope danceth without music. 

George Herbert

Hope means expectancy when things are otherwise hopeless. 

Gilbert Keith G. K. Chesterton

I have lived without hope, and every time I try to think of life without the hope of a God, my soul dies, because if that were true then life is meaningless. We live to die, every relationship we have on earth is pointless, all the suffering in the world,  the hunger, and death. I ask a Atheist to try a preach that hopeless gospel, to a person in Africa that hasn’t eaten in two weeks, or that mother in Syria, that had to watch her whole family die, by a suicide bomber. Go tell her that you can be happy without God, because one Atheist once said this that converted to Christ, anyone can be a Atheist when they are on top of the world, and has there health a money. But it’s real hard to be a Atheist when you are on your death bed, and you start to wonder what if I was wrong. So I ask any Atheist that is reading this article what if you are wrong, and there is a God, and there is a hell, and the world is really coming to a end. Are you ready to spend eternity in hell, with a body that can not burn, you will burn forever but never burn up. You can not have a Christmas without Jesus, because that’s were Christmas came from. You can not have thanksgiving, because every holiday we have in America was founded on a godly theme, America was a nation founded by Christians, and nothing you can do will change that. If you love being a Atheist so much move, take your hopeless gospel, and your hopeless church with your cheese and Crackers to Russia, or China. Because every law, all the top colleges in America were founded by Christians who loved Jesus Christ. You Atheist should be ashamed of yourself s for trying to still the hope away from people, because you have no hope, take your gospel that says live for yourself, and forget everyone else and move. The Atheistic community only makes up 5 percent of America’s population, so this is to the church, why let the 5 run our nation, this nation was founded on Christianity not Atheism. Let me tell you about Atheistic nations for a moment, Russia has the highest Alcoholic rates period, China has such a horrible moral that the people walk around in a miserable state, because they are told how many children they can have and so one. Prayer was taken out of school in America, and since the suicide rates have shoot threw the roof, teenage pregnancy has also shoot threw the roof, murder has tripled. So let me ask my Atheist brothers, and sister does your religion have a  answer to that, because you tell our young people there is no God, that values life, so they think why should I. You tell them there is no God, that says wait to you get married to have sex, so they say at thirteen years old might as well have sex since there is no such thing as a God,we are our own Gods, and start a family. Your gospel is not working Atheist, are you to educated to see that, our country is getting worse not better. America has become the most drug addicted society in the world, America use to be a moral compass. I had a friend who told me that when she was growing up that America was so different, that all the TV shows had moral, and ethical values about being a better person. I am trying to figure out if Atheism is the way to go, then as we move away from that God stuff, then our world should get better not worse. But i am looking at a paper the shows the exact opposite, all I can say is that God is real, and if you don’t believe that yourself, then keep your hopeless gospel to your self. leave those happy Christians along, who are only trying to help the world not hurt it, what you are doing is hurting our society by telling people hope in yourself, there no hope for our future, that we evolved from monkeys and have no purpose besides getting rich. You can keep that I don’t want it, God Bless.

Please Watch these stories and approach with a open mind thanks God Bless


  1. skepticalape says:

    This is utterly laughable. To begin with, why on Earth would an atheist worship Satan? Satan is a biblical creation; we don’t believe the Bible to be true so why would we worship one of it’s whacky characters? This equates to saying “you don’t believe the Harry Potter stories which means that you worship the Dark Lord Voldemort”.

    Secondly, atheists had more ‘respect’ for religion in previous times because they were a persecuted minority. Please refer to the inquisition in which Christains killed and tortured their own kind just for having slightly different ideas. In SOME parts of the world we are now able to express ourselves using reason and debate (which is apparently very offensive).

    Furthermore, the fact your life and relationships are pointless without [your] God does not mean that the rest of us cannot find beauty and meaning in our understanding of the world. The universe explained by scientific investigation is far more wonderful and spectacular than the rather tawdry account(s) of Genesis. Please read The Grand Design by Hawking or The Magic of Reality by Dawkins.

    There have been thousands of gods in recorded human history, is it not rather arrogant to assume that your very specific account is the only way to salvation?

    Finally, Christians are the last people who should be lecturing others on their attitude to children and Africa. Far too many young people have been traumatised by your sick tales of eternally burning flesh (not to mention systematically buggered and tortured by priests). Christian missionaries in Africa have been the best friend of poverty and AIDS (please check dogma on contraception) and the principal opposition to the emancipation of women.

    I also suggest that you look into the origin of Christmas (particularly the reason that it’s generally celebrated on the 25th December).

    Your opinions are as misguided as they are poorly written.

    • To compare Harry Potter to Jesus is laughable because Harry Potter never walked the earth, on a literal cross and have 2,000 years of documented history to prove his existence. Two of those guys in those videos are doctors who know science, but have acknowledge that there is no way to have true happiness separate from God, you do have a God sir your God is yourself. Science is not in opposition to God, you are. People do not believe because they do not want to believe, it has nothing to do with lack of evidence, because there is plenty. I useto be a medical student, and when I started science I knew there was a creator to this complex body thanks God Bless.

      • skepticalape says:

        You failed to respond to any of my objections, hardly surprising.

        Furthermore, at no point did I refute the existence of Jesus (though I would most certainly take issue with your claim that there is 2,000 years worth of historical documentation to prove his existence).

        I’m quite happy for you to believe whatever you want. I do, however, object to being told that my life and the lives of all of the great atheists, hindus, agnostics, Jews (and so on and so forth) are meaningless without Christ.

        Merry Christmas.

  2. jamesgero93 says:

    well actually if you are American then the Nation was not founded by Christians several of the founding fathers were indeed non religious some were agnostic and others were deist the one nation under God line was introduced later on in the countries history.
    if the founding fathers were alive today they would be incredibly saddened by how the Christians made their country into a Christian nation instead of a nation for all people.

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