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I had to comment and give you some nuggets concerning what the Holy Spirit has given me concerning sexual immorality, which I believe is the biggest problem in America. In America we have produced a culture of sex, that previous generation would be horrified by. Have you ever heard the saying sex sells, well in America this is the driving spirit that has intoxicated our society. I once produced a message called Intoxicated with Babylon, in which I addressed the decline in our nation from a biblical end time perspective. Everything that God instructed his people not to do, we have found away to make money from. Shows like Jerry Springer which is basically the selling of abomination, he has become rich from men and women, telling the entire world that they are having a relationship with there mother, or children. We are in the fill good generation, which teaches that if it feels right do it. Psychologist like Fraud have produced a generation of victims, who say I was born a homosexual. However, this is not what the bible teaches, which is that we are born sinners, that need God. Other cultures call us the most perverse nation in the world, we have produced a society that instead of filling the earth with the Gospel which I know is the reason we have been so blessed. We are now filling the world with perversion, we have become the Sodom and Gomorrah of the 21 century. We have become the most addicted society in the world, with the emergence of technology Sodom is now available at just a click of your remote. We have more Christians addicted to drugs, and sexual immorality than any generation of believers before or after. The church has given up on the teaching of the puritans who taught such a separateness from the world that they are now laughed at by churchgoers, and labeled as radicals. No they were not radicals they just understood, that sin is intoxicating, and not to be played with. I say all this to say that Christians are not to mix ourselves with the perverseness of our neighbors. Even though our culture is changing, this does not mean God has changed. God says in his word that he is the same, then, now, and forever. We have changed and expect God to get with the program, we think we have the right to redefine what God has set in heaven. Marriage is between a man, and a women and the church should never compromise concerning this. Even if they take away our buildings, the church is not the buildings, the church is you and me. We have to stand bold in our witness to the world that Jesus is here to stay, and that his return is at the door. It sickens my spirit to see how the church has blended into the worlds way of thinking. When Obama ran for office the first time he lied, and said that he was a Christian to get the votes of believers around the world. However, when he ran the second time and started to proclaim the gospel of gay marriage, and homosexual love. I just hoped that the church would unite, and stand for truth. However, I was deceived millions of Christians lined up, and voted for Satan worker, who said openly that he believed marriage was different than that of the bible . On our radio show we deal with this in great detail, we have churches on every corner in America yet many churches are just that dead, and filled with believers who have become intoxicated with the spirit of this age. Sexual immorality is wrong, I encourage you to purge yourself because the bible tells us that these acts are not of God, and therefore God must judge those who live in immorality. It’s time to make holiness the most important aspect of the church, it’s time for a purge of the body, and for the church to unite as one body, and not as twenty different bodies. 

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Dr. Jordan Wells A Servant Of Jesus Christ

  1. Tito Toby says:

    Awww. God bless U for such a post as this. I was really beginning to think all Americans supported the immorality movement. The US is even trying to ostracize nations that don’t support immorality like the recent happenings in Nigeria. I also believe like you said in your post that even if the world becomes immoral, God will save a remnant for himself as the church isn’t the building but the people. Keep up the good work.

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